Too Loud For Liberty

by Skanky Dave and the Bumpin Uglies

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released July 10, 2007


tags: metal Vidor


all rights reserved


Skanky Dave and the Bumpin Uglies Vidor

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Track Name: Inferior
You think you're better than me
You try to see but you can not
You try to think but you wil not
You look at me like I'm trash but I am not
You think you're perfect what have you got
You run from the effect that you caused
Your safe haven ain't what it once was
You persecute me with your shit laws
You use my image as your just cause

You try to bring me down
With your contagious doomsday philosophy
You rise against me
You try to save me
You try to hold me back
Instill a fear of my own destiny
You hide behind your god
Afraid to live your life
You think you're better than me

You think you know what you see
When you look for a reason to hate
Everything I throw in your face
Everything that shows that I maintain
An original thought in my brain
My life was fucked to begin with
Without having to deal with your bullshit
So high and mighty on your pedistal
Knock you down get a glimpse of my world

You hide behind a lie
Your intentions so pure and commendable
What have you got to hide
That makes you so damn unforgivable
Your precious narrow mind
A living proof of de-evolution
No need for probable cause
Bust in and take what you want
You think you're better than me

You're not right
Not right for me
You started the fight
Just let me be
Cause I'm not one of you
I'm not your project
I'm not your next victim on the chopblock
My soul is my decision
Your faith is not my prision

You think the world is a prize
Put all your soldiers up on your mantle
But I am only mine
And your god will not steal my soul
I exist alone
I and I is all eternity
I have nothing to hide
This was never for you
You think you're better than me